Season 2, Episode 18

The Rosemary House Journey

This episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast was recorded on location at the Rosemary House Bed and Breakfast in Pittsboro, NC, with owners Jamie and Heather Buster. Jamie and Heather moved to the Triangle about 6 years ago from the Kansas City area for a job opportunity. When they came to visit the area to explore and determine where they wanted to live, they were drawn to the smaller communities like Holly Springs and Chapel Hill, but Pittsboro ultimately won them over with its welcoming culture and people.

Shortly thereafter, they were inspired to open a business in the downtown business district of Pittsboro because they really just wanted to be a part of the vibrant community, and when they heard that the Rosemary House was up for sale, their interest was officially piqued. About a year later, they took the leap and purchased the B&B, spending 2 months with local designers and wood craftsmen truly making the Rosemary House their own. 

Jamie and Heather have been fans of folk art for most of their relationship and promoting the arts has always been important to them. So putting the Kindred Art Gallery inside the B&B was a part of the plan from the beginning. They reached out to Charlie Frye directly and hß∑e served as a mentor to them as they began the process of curating the art and artists that they wanted to be a part of the gallery. Not only have Jamie and Heather been blessed by getting to know the artists, but guests of the Rosemary House greatly enjoy the art pieces and leave inspired to see the world in a different way, considering the potential of things that have never had potential before.


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