Season 2, Episode 2

Our guest on this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast is Bill Evans, a Mocksville native who has spent a lot of his life in Charlotte and North Wilkesboro. In fact, his grandfather purchased a tract of land in Davie county that belonged to Daniel Boone’s father, and now Bill’s cousin lives in the original Boone family cabin, which he has renovated. 

Bill was inspired by his grandfathers and his uncles to be creative, classy, and functional in designing clothing and furniture, and you could say that he has made a living doing just that. He has made swimsuit coverups for runway shows out of umbrella material, upholstered couches with heavy English wool, and is currently working on updating a cruise liner with marine grade vinyl.

A lifetime expert on the furniture business, especially in North Carolina, Bill has noticed a few trends that are leading to a resurgence of furniture manufacturing and upholstery in our area: 

·      Consumers’ expectation of sustainable and durable materials

·      Interior designers becoming more of a presence at the High Point Furniture Market

·      The necessity for ordering smaller lots of furniture than Chinese factories are equipped to produce

·      An evolution of and increased appreciation for the craftsman industry 

·      The desire for the highest value for the dollar

·      Millennials’ propensity to move frequently and not accumulate furniture

·      Millennials’ desire to purchase unique or sentimental pieces that will last – not full sets

·      The trend towards industrial style furniture, which is rustic and durable

He also touches on the phenomenon of online shopping. While it doesn’t make much sense to Bill that someone would be willing to purchase a couch without ever seeing it in person or sitting on it, he understands that this is the way the world is moving, and the convenience factor of free shipping and free returns outweighs the uncertainty of an untested item.

At the end of the episode, Carl and Bill discuss their common cardiac issues and their gratitude for the high-quality healthcare they have been able to receive. They emphasize the importance of taking an active role in your own health by making small choices to walk more or take the stairs.


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